Hair Dye 9.0 Very Light Blond Echos Color 100 ml


Refresh the color and texture of your hair with Echos Color hair dye.

A vegan choice, enriched with green tea extract, tsubaki oil, and date oil for impressive results. Easy application, long-lasting colors in a variety of shades. Give your hair the refreshment it deserves with Echos Color!

The unique Echos Color hair dye is eco-friendly and does not include any animal-derived products. The ingredients used in this hair dye are exclusively plant-based, contributing to the protection of animals and the environment.

Echos Color hair dye is enriched with highly effective ingredients for the health and rejuvenation of your hair.

One of the key ingredients in Echos Color dye is green tea extract, which offers enhanced protection and antioxidant action to the hair, maintaining its health and natural texture.

Tsubaki oil is another key ingredient, known for its nourishing properties and enhancing hair elasticity. It provides intensive hydration, combats dryness, and adds shine and a silky texture.

Additionally, the presence of date oil in the dye’s formula offers excellent reinforcement and protection for the hair. This moisturizing oil rejuvenates the hair, strengthening its structure and restoring its natural health and elasticity.

Echos Color hair dye offers a wide palette of colors to meet every individual preference and need. From natural shades to more intense colors, the range provides options for every taste and personality.

Finally, Echos Color hair dye is characterized by easy and quick application, offering a pleasant coloring experience in the comfort of your home.

The color lasts exceptionally well, ensuring long-lasting impressive results.

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The Echos Color hair dye revolutionizes the world of hair coloring. With a vast collection of 75 earthy and cool shades like never before.

With utmost respect for the environment and a strong sense of ecological consciousness, the Echos Color hair dye line is 100% vegan, with recyclable dye tubes. It uses 50% less plastic in the cap and features biodegradable paper packaging.

Enriched with green tea extracts for even longer-lasting color, date oil with antioxidant properties, and tsubaki oil for dazzling shine and hydration.

It offers 100% gray coverage in all shades, along with natural ice colors for even purer hues.

The Echos Color hair dye provides the ultimate professional care in all salon settings, making the hair coloring process the ultimate experience for the end customer. It has a creamy, soft texture and formulation ideal for use on all hair types.

The main scents you will encounter are peppermint and eucalyptus, followed by jasmine and gardenia, leaving behind amber, sandalwood, and white musk.

Echos Color hair dye does not contain PPD and the mixing ratio with peroxide is 1 to 1.5 for all colors in the range, and 1 to 2 for bleaching colors.

Mix with Echosline peroxide 7, 10, 20, 30, or 40 vol for a flawless, long-lasting color result.

Extra Tips:

It’s very important to remember that the exact mixing ratio of dye to peroxide ensures stability, the correct shade, and 100% gray coverage.

Ideally, the mixture should always be measured with a precision scale or a measuring device. Keep the color vibrant and shiny with the necessary products for dyed hair. These include the shampoo, mask, and color-locking spray from the Colour Care line with green walnut extracts.



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