Echosline Seliar Rebalance Normalizing Shampoo


Echosline Seliar Rebalance Normalizing Shampoo

  • Enhanced with a synergistic mix of Vegetable Essential Oils, Zinc and Magnesium
  • It gently cleanses and effectively removes excess sebum
  • It provides balance and purity to the scalp
  • For clean, soft and shiny hair
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Echosline Seliar Rebalance Normalizing Shampoo enriched with plant oils such as lavender and clove blossoms.

Its special formula with zinc and magnesium acts as a protective shield against oiliness, completely removing it from the first application. It maintains the natural pH of the scalp.

You will immediately feel a sense of cleanliness and well-being on the scalp after using it. You will love the Seliar Rebalance anti-oiliness shampoo.

How to use:

After using Seliar Therapy Detox, apply a small amount to the hair, massage until it lathers, leave it on for up to 2 minutes, and rinse. Repeat once more. Shake the product before use.

Extra Tips:

It is very important to know that scalp problems such as hair loss, dandruff, and oiliness mainly originate from external factors such as pollutants, exhaust fumes, air, etc.

Improper cleansing of the scalp can cause even greater scalp problems. Using Seliar Detox is a necessary step before using shampoos. It deeply cleanses and prepares the hair to receive any scalp treatment.

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