Echosline Sealing Spray Colour Care 200ml


Echosline Sealing Spray Colour Care

  • The combined action of Sodium Gluconate and Green Walnut.
  • Helps make the cosmetic color last longer while protecting its shine.
  • Its silicone free formula is enriched with a special anti-odor molecule.
  • Leaves the hair pleasantly scented.

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Echosline Sealing Spray Colour Care

The combination of sodium gluconate and green walnut helps maintain the dye for a longer period, protecting the shine and brightness of the color.

Enriched with a wonderful fragrance that lasts and emanates from your hair with every move.


100% Vegan and silicone-free.

How to Use:

Shake well before use.

In the salon:

After the technical dyeing process, rinse out the color and spray the product directly onto wet hair. Do not rinse out. Immediately proceed with the Colour Care shampoo.

Home Maintenance:

After using the Colour Care shampoo and mask and rinsing your hair thoroughly with plenty of water, spray the Colour Care color-locking spray along the length of your hair.

Do not rinse out. Then proceed with the desired styling.

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