Echosline Hydrogen Peroxide 30 Volume


The Hydrogen Peroxide by Echosline is an essential ingredient in the world of hair dyeing, offering precision and professional results in the dyeing process.

Stability and Safety: Echosline’s Hydrogen Peroxide is known for its reliable stability. It is manufactured to high quality standards, ensuring safe and effective use.

Different Strengths: The product offers various strengths (e.g., 10, 20, 30, 40) to adjust the level of lightening and the intensity of the dye, meeting the diverse needs of professional hairdressers.

Excellent Performance: The Hydrogen Peroxide has an excellent ability to activate color pigments, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting colors without unwanted shades.

Hair Protection: The synthetic formula of the Hydrogen Peroxide contains special ingredients that help maintain the health of the hair, reducing the likelihood of damage during processing.

Easy Application: Professional hairdressers appreciate the easy mixing and application of the Hydrogen Peroxide, making the dyeing process efficient and quick.

Professional Results: Echosline’s Hydrogen Peroxide guarantees professional results, allowing hairdressers to create beautiful, long-lasting colors, enhancing their reputation in the beauty industry.

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Hydrogen peroxide for hair dyeing with a light fragrance, suitable for tone-on-tone dyeing as well as lightening by up to 2-3 tones.

It mixes easily with Echosline Color dye thanks to its creamy texture. It is suitable for mixing with Echosline’s Karbon dyes.


Dosage of hydrogen peroxide with the dyes:

1 to 1.5 with all colors and 1 to 2 with the bleaching dyes, as well as the reflections from the Echosline and Karbon dye series.

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