Echosline Energy Lotion for weak & fine hair


Echosline Energy Lotion for weak & fine hair

  • Energizing treatment for weak and fine hair
  • The synergy between Soy Proteins, Rosemary extract, Nettle extract and Trace Elements helps carry out an effective fortifying action on the hair, a purifying and stimulating action on the scalp that favours its natural physiological balance
  • It can cause slight scalp redness.

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Echosline Energy Lotion for weak & fine hair

The combination of ingredients such as soy proteins, rosemary extracts, nettle, and trace elements contributes to its effective strengthening action for the hair.

A treatment that cleanses, tones, and deeply strengthens the scalp and hair, helping to maintain its natural balance.

During use, slight redness may appear, which is normal due to the increased blood flow it causes.

The Energy Lotion treatment, ideal for fine and weak hair, is 100% vegan and comes in fully recyclable packaging.

Instructions for use:

After using the Energy shampoo for fine and weak hair, apply to clean, towel-dried hair only at the roots, massaging in circular motions without rinsing. Proceed with desired styling as usual.

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